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Empowering Comfort: Using Alexa to Voice-Control Adjustable Beds

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

For people facing physical challenges, daily tasks like adjusting the position of a bed can be arduous and sometimes impossible without assistance.

Traditional adjustable beds typically rely on remotes or manual controls, making it challenging for individuals with disabilities to achieve comfort in their own beds without asking others for assistance.

It's a challenge we have discussed with numerous clients.

But we haven't been able to find a solution available anywhere.

So we invented one. And we think it is a game-changer.

The Silverback Digital Voice Assistant Bed Control module is a stand alone device that plugs into the control module of an existing adjustable bed or chair. It essentially emulates the "physical" remote control but using voice commands instead of fingers.

So to raise the head of an adjustable bed you would press the remote button for "head up" for say, five seconds. with the Voice Assistant Bed Control Module installed you would simply say "Alexa, Head up for 5 seconds". The commands essentially emulate any action that you can perform on the traditional remote.

The Silverback Digital Voice Assistant Bed Control module works for both beds and chairs and is compatible with the most common control boxes used in beds and chairs in Australia.

This level of control is transformative for people with limited mobility, providing them with the ability to customise their bed settings without needing physical assistance.

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Dec 07, 2023

Can you use this with google too? We have a google controlled home and have a need for this bed!


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