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We help Australians with disabilities lead better lives
through Smart Home technology

Welcome to Silverback Digital!

Our mission is to help Australians living with disabilities lead fuller, more enabled lives through the useof low-cost Smart Home technology.


Over the last few years Smart Home tech has become mainstream.
Devices available from places like Bunnings, JB Hi FI and Officeworks
can enable people with disabilities to:

  • Control  household appliances using only your voice.

  • Create notes, set reminders, set timers and alerts the way you'd speak to a person - eg "remind me at 3 today that my Physio will be be here at 4" or "remind me at 10am every day to take my medication".  ​

  • Convert voice to text for the hearing impaired. 

  • Convert text to voice for those with low vision.​

  • Automatically share key health information with your health care network
    (eg blood pressure, heart rate and other vital information). 

  • Help people living with disabilities remain safe and connected to support workers during Covid-19. 

And ​best of all? In most cases the cost of the hardware and the time
to get it all working is covered under Self-managed and Plan-managed clients' NDIS Core Consumables and/or Capacity Building budgets.

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Our process makes it so simple for our clients they don't even need to think about "how" everything works together. It just does!

Our clients all have differing needs, base on their unique circumstances, so tailor our services to each client's needs, rather than taking a "cookie-cutter" approach. The main stages we work through with clients are:

1. Describing a better life

Working with the Participant and their support workers we focus on answering the question "what will make your life better than it is now?"

2. Working out how to make it happen

We work out how to get the technology together to make our shared vision of a better life for the Participant a reality.

3. Getting back to you

Once we've worked out what is needed, we will come back to the Participant and their support team and go through everything to make sure we are all on the same page and that we haven't missed, or misunderstood anything. At this point we will also provide a detailed cost estimate.

4. Set it all up

We purchase and setup all of the required tech in the client's home and ensure it is all working.

5. Make sure you can use it

We we go through everything with (and/or their support team) to make sure they know how to use the new system. We also provide a simple, jargon-free (!!) manual you can refer to at any time.

Why Choose Silverback?

  • 25+ years in consumer technology

  • Experienced across multiple projects from individual to major across healthcare, aged care, disability

  • Customer-driven and empathetic.

  • Personal passion and accountability for creating  true improvements in quality of life for Australians with disabilities. 

  • Access to a distributed network of specialists across all fields of business.

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Gregan McMahon


Silverback Digital

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