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Help For People with Vision or Hearing Impairment
1. Low Vision
  • Let me use my voice to control and find devices

  • Let me use my voice to find information

  • Convert convert text to sound for access to information

  • Give me audible cues/reminders/alerts

Both Google Assistant and Siri can be used to create generate a sound to help people with low vision find their devices.

There are also a number of small Bluetooth enable trackers that can be attached to not only devices, but keyrings wallets etc which can also help low vision clients keep track of their belongings more easily.

  • Convert sound/voice to text

  • Give me visual cues/alerts/reminders

2. Hearing impairment

Both Google and Siri have voice to text capability.

Google Home and Google assistant have similar capability.


Smart lighting can be set to turn on/off/blink/change colour in response to a preset trigger to act as a as a visual cue.

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