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Help For People with Physical & Mobility Difficulties
1. Difficulty operating household appliances
  • Let me use my voice to do turn on/off/ up/down lights, fans, heating/air-con, control TV (on off, change channel, select specific show to stream etc)

Possible Smart Home Solution

Google + smart lights and smart wall plugs

”Hey Google,
”dim lights to 20% and set to warm white”

“Turn off bedroom TV”

“Play Stranger Things on Netflix”

  • Let me lock or unlock my doors remotely or directly using simple voice commands.

  • Unlock the door for me automatically as soon as I get within 4m.

2. Difficulty locking/unlocking doors.

Possible Smart Home Solution

Google Assistant + Smart Locks

“Hey Google unlock front door”

Set door to unlock when it detects me within 4m. 

  • Give me the ability to control, view and record my home and surrounds.

  • Give me the means to call my supports network for help if I fall or am in danger.

Google + smart camera

“Hey Google show me video from front camera/west side camera”

“ Hey Google call and text my emergency contacts”

(message can be preset)

3. Concerns for personal safety and security.
4. Difficulty typing/ controlling smartphone
  • Let me use my voice as a text input modality.

  • Let me use my voice to open and interact with apps on my phone/tablet.

Google Docs has an inbuilt ability to convert voice to text which can then be copied and pasted into documents/emails.


Siri for iOS and Google Assistant can both open and control most of the apps on smart devices. However demonstration, training and documentation may be required.

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